We understand the power of engaging your people.

At Listen to Your Team our clients come from a wide cross section of industries with varying team numbers and structures.  Whilst diverse our clients have one thing in common, they all understand the substantial benefits of employee engagement and see the value in working with professional experts to achieve this.

Engaged business team

“Businesses already have the answers right there, working for them right now!”

I am passionate about helping businesses develop their engagement strategies to help them grow and reach their full business potential.  

I have seen the benefits of employee engagement both as an external consultant and my own personal career.  

I have vast experience working in people change, both as a change leader in a corporate environment to providing business consultancy support to smaller companies.  I therefore understand the challenges leaders face whilst appreciating how change can affect teams.  

Businesses ask me to review their business from an external perspective as owners are often too close to the detail to see their full business potential.  What surprises me is what many businesses oversee is …. they already have many of the answers right there, working for them right now!

Team members hold the key to so many questions businesses want to know.  How do we provide a better service? How can we be more efficient? How can I get my team to work better together?

Getting the answers comes down to asking the right questions.  

As part of my work in employee engagement I have researched and used different measurement methods to ensure businesses get the best results.  I have learned that whilst there are many solutions available, there are very few that offer a fully bespoke end to end package aimed at the non-corporate market.

We are different! Listen To Your Team has been created to provide businesses with 25 or more employees with the technology, expert support and bespoke tools to ask, listen and effectively respond to their team.

Director Kaye Massey

What Our Clients are Saying