You now have your draft survey which has been designed based on the information provided during the Design Consultation meeting.

We hope you find this survey provides a good coverage of the feedback you wish to obtain from your team.  We appreciate you may require some changes so we look forward to receiving your feedback and working with you to create the perfect survey to meet your needs.

You will notice that for some questions, we have offered alternative options which are clearly marked with a red ‘OR’.  These options allow you to choose which statement works best for your business.

Please Note – our surveys are structured into 6 survey sections with one free text question for each.  Your draft survey will be designed to include our maximum number of questions (36) so any additional questions you may have will need to replace an existing one.

It is now time to review each statement and free text question to ensure it is relevant and considered a valuable question to ask.

To support you in reviewing your survey, please read our tips below:


Tips for Reviewing Your Draft Survey:

  • Does the survey cover all of the areas you wanted to obtain feedback on?
  • Will the questions get the responses you need to achieve your survey objective?
  • Does the language style used reflect the language style used in the business/by the team?
  • Is the correct terminology used – e.g. leaders, customers, team etc?
  • Will you get valuable information from the responses i.e. do you already know the answers to any of the questions?
  • Are the questions/category headers relevant and make sense to all team members?
  • Do you expect your team to have views on the free format open ended questions?
  • Are you prepared to make changes to the areas covered in the survey?

Once you have reviewed your draft survey, please provide us with feedback on your preferred option choices and any other changes you would like to make.  If you have other questions in mind, please let us know so that  we can provide some options around question wording.