Please read the following information carefully before starting your survey.

At Joseph Heler / Heler Foods Packing we want to make your workplace more fulfilling and rewarding.  To help us achieve this we have designed this survey to ask you a number of questions on how you feel about working here.  Please take the time to answer honestly and share your views and ideas.

This survey is being managed by a third party consultant so rest assured all responses will be completely anonymous.  Survey results will only be reported in general terms.


  • Please note the terms ‘Leadership Team’ or ‘Leaders’ refers to all Directors and Managers at Joseph Heler/Heler Foods Packing.
  • The term ‘Board’ refers to all Directors at Joseph Heler/Heler Foods Packing.


  • When you are ready select the Start Survey button
  • The first section will ask you to select your team. Please select the option which includes the name of the department you usually work. (Please note departments have been grouped for reporting purposes only).
  • You are required to answer all questions. If you miss a question you will be prompted to complete it before submitting your survey.
  • When selecting from multiple choice answers select the answer which best represents your opinions based on the scale provided. To select click the button next to your answer. Be careful to read and mark the correct answer as some responses are worded in a similar way but have very different meanings E.G. strongly agree/strongly disagree.
  • All sections (apart from the last) contain a free text question at the end. Please use this space to describe your views and ideas in relation to the question asked. This will provide valuable information on the context of responses and potential improvement ideas.
  • Once you have completed your survey you must select the SUBMIT button to send to our consultants. Once you receive the acknowledgement that your form is submitted close the web browser.


Thank You